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Welcome to TILT's Journal Listings. These listings include journals that are available online and/or in print. Whenever possible, a link has been provided to a Web site associated with a journal. The majority of the descriptions provided through this site are based on information found in individual journals or on their associated Web sites. If you find any of our descriptions inaccurate, please contact us.




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Service Learning

International Journal of Service Learning in Engineering   Info

Published semi-annually, the International Journal of Service Learning in Engineering (IJSLE) is a free, peer-reviewed electronic journal.Categories of articles include: "Engineering Design Projects as Service, Engineering Research Projects as Service,Engineering-Related Entrepreneurial Projects as Service, and Pedagogy in Engineering-Related Service Learning.   

Journal of Higher Education, Outreach and Engagement   Info

The Journal of Higher Educaton Outreach and Engagement (JHEOE), formerly the Journal of Public Service and Outreach is published by the University of Georgia. This peer-reviewed journal promotes the ideals of service and the outreach mission of the university. the journal is published two times and year. The web site includes current and past issues.   

Metropolitan Universities Journal
http://   Info

This journal is a quarterly publication by the members of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. A list of readable back issues is available at this site online.   

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning   Info

This is a publication of the University of Michigan's Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning. It is a national, peer reviewed journal for college and university faculty and administrators. An annotated bibliography of past articles and a collection of sample articles are available online.   

Partnership Perspectives   Info

Partnership Perspectives is a peer reviewed publication of the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH). This journal is a compilation of articles from past conference presentations. It addresses the concerns of those involved in commmunity and higher education health-related partnerships and those involved in service learning. Copies of the CCPH newsletter are also available at this site.   

Reflections   Info

Reflections is a peer reviewed journal focusing on community-based writing and is a forum for those involved in civic engagement. It includes essays, empirical studies, interviews and reviews. It is particularly useful for those involved in service learning. The web site includes an archive of readable issues.   


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