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An Introduction to ChatGPT

What is it?

Put simply, ChatGPT is a software engine that responds to a written prompt in a human-like manner. It creates all manner of writing: essays, press releases, sonnets, stock prospectuses, even fiction. In case you aren’t aware of this program and what it can do, I’d recommend this piece from the Associated Press and this piece from the New York Times.

How good is it?

That is up for debate. Some (as in the New York Times article) describe the quality as college-level, while others who have interacted with it believe the quality is discernibly mediocre. This is why I recommend that you spend some time with it yourself. You can access.

What will it impact?

It seems to be lethal to shorter, more generalized prompts. For example, the discussion board posts, summaries, abstracts, and other traditional writing assignments under one thousand words are probably most affected.