Master Teacher Initiative


The Master Teacher Initiative (MTI) is a University-wide program to enhance the quality of teaching within CSU's colleges and libraries. The objectives of the MTI are to:

  • underscore the importance of quality teaching within the context of the University's overall mission
  • provide opportunities for faculty from across a college to address common teaching interests and concerns
  • contribute to the creation of a culture where the scholarship of teaching is valued and appreciated

Master Teacher Tip of the Week

Each Monday, the College MTI leader sends an email message containing a brief teaching tip.

These tips—either written by an MTI coordinator, published in a journal or on other Wev site, or drawn from TILT's extensive collection of teaching tips—address issues including plagiarism and cheating, closing routines for class, diversity and teaching, effective teacher attributes, exam design, humor and education, motivating students, understanding students, inspirational materials related to education, and specific tactics relating to adult education.

Each tip is a short five-ten minute "food-for-thought" type of read.

Visit TILT's collection of Teaching Tips

View our MTI Coordiator Bios

Individual College MTI Programs

The MTI supports programs in all Colleges, the Library, as well as the Division of Student Affairs.

Agricultural Sciences

Andrew Norton
Dept. of Bioag Sciences and Pest Management
C030 Plant Sciences

View: Agricultural Sciences MTI Workshop Schedule


Doug Hoffman
Department of Marketing
115 Rockwell Hall

View: Business MTI Workshop Schedule

Health and Human Sciences

Barb Hooper
Department of Occupational Therapy
205 Occupational Therapy

View: Health and Human Sciences MTI Workshop Schedule

Liberal Arts

Pamela Coke
Department of English
326 Willard O. Eddy Hall

View: Liberal Arts MTI Workshop Schedule

Warner College:
Natural Resources

Richard Conant
Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
B229 Nesb

View: Natural Resources MTI Workshop Schedule

Natural Sciences

Deborah M. Garrity
Department of Biology
E328 Anatomy-Zoology

View: Natural Sciences MTI Workshop Schedule

Vet Med & Biomedical Sciences

Erica Lynn Suchman
Dept. of Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology
B127 Microbiology

View: CVMB MTI Workshop Schedule

Vet Med & Biomedical Sciences

Andrew West
Education Development Manager, CVMBS
0250 CVMBS Main Office

View: CVMB MTI Workshop Schedule

Division of Student Affairs

Demetrios Godenitz
Assistant Director, CASA Advising Team
121 TILT

View: Student Affairs MTI Workshop Schedule

University Libraries

Naomi Lederer
Morgan Library
150 Morgan Library

View: University Libraries MTI Workshop Schedule